How do you get a "stand" in PWPM?

Unit space is rarely available. If it is available, it's a lifelong commitment to operate here. PWPM merchants signed 40-year leases for their respective spaces.

Do farmers have stands here?

No. All of the market’s merchants are produce wholesalers. A few of these companies also have growing operations.

Is there a market price sheet?

That is a beauty of a produce market; it’s not just one company selling produce. Like a shopping center with several clothing stores, a market is a conglomeration of vendors selling similar products. It is easy for buyers to visit one location to fulfill their needs in a competitive environment. The competition lowers prices while providing an incentive for maintaining high quality.

The Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market's 21 merchants compete for sales on a 24-hour basis. Here, the laws of supply and demand work to perfection. Prices fluctuate on various commodities to balance supply and demand; that is the simple price determination.

The perishable nature of produce forces sellers to move their product. "Sell it or smell it" is an age-old industry expression. Buyers shop the market and talk with individual vendors about prices.

Merchant prices vary for a wide variety of market-driven reasons. A vendor may have a surplus of a certain size or type of apple and will consequently lower prices to balance his supply before perishability becomes an issue.

How does one get a job in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market?

The market administration involves a very small staff. Thus, the hiring for virtually all of the market positions is handled by the market's 21 different merchants. Those merchants, then, need to be individually contacted for those seeking employment.

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