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Philabundance Rescue Center Began July 14, 2017

Posted: July 25, 2017

Every Friday morning, volunteers from Philabundance, the Delaware Valley’s largest hunger relief organization, have been coming to the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market and going through pallets of produce to see what can be rescued.  “We’d much rather divert produce that still has some shelf life to our neighbors who are facing hunger,” explains Dan Kane, General Manager of the PWPM.  “Fridays are a particularly good day to host the rescue volunteers because we are closed on Saturdays.”

Rather than seeing produce go to waste, the merchants of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market are happy to donate to the Philabundance effort, which serves 90,000 families each week.  Philabundance staff sends a reminder to the merchants of the PWPM each week about the Rescue Center (located within the PWPM) and visits the stores to inspect and approve pallets for donation.  Their goal is to have 80% useable fruits and veggies for their various programs throughout the city.

We thank the Philabundance team, the volunteers, and the wholesalers of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market for this great team effort to help feed 1 in 5 families in the Philadelphia area.



Philabundance Rescue Volunteers

Philabundance Gleaning

Philabundance Gleaning 2

Philabundance Rescue Assembly Line

Philabundance Gleaning

Philabundance Gleaning

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